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My resume is available for viewing and I have assembled a bunch of search facilities which I use all the time. When I just want to browse the web I often just enter a word and follow it to where it leads. You might try the same, or go to any of the search engine home pages and try their random links. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at daniel@knighten.org.

Alta Vista 
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c|net's 210,000-file virtual software library 

Finds Web sites by description

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Business 800 numbers from AT&T.

1000s of sites evaluated and rated. 

Finds Web pages, rated for relevance

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Infoseek Guide 
Reviewed Web pages, Usenet, and more 

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Some random links from Webcrawler

Cinema 21 was my favorite movie theatre when I lived in Portland.  At that time, circa 1995, they had a great combination of French movies, Hon Kong action flicks, and Japanese anime.  Since then they have gone down hill in their selection of movies and in the fact that I can no longer link to a nice marquee displaying whatever movie they are currently showing.  This remains, both because they do still accasionally show something cool, and because of my nostalgic memories.

Cinema21 marquee